Login Overload

I’m looking forward to the day when someone comes out with a better form of security than the userid / password that we’ve got now.  Is biometrics the next big thing?  I don’t know about that but what I do know is that it’s frustrating to have to remember a userid / password combination for everything that I do online and even at work.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the it was advisable or even possible to re-use the same userid and password everywhere but that’s problematic for two reasons:  first, the obvious, if you do use the same userid and password then if you’re compromised on one site, then whoever discovered your security information has discovered it EVERYWHERE.  And second, some sites want a userid, some want to use your e-mail, some control the type of password while others don’t care.  Some want numbers, capitals, and symbols, and others do something completely different.  Like a “random” number generated on a key fob that is synchronized to a key server that knows what number you should be entering at any given moment.  I even have an account that will randomly ask for, say, the first, fifth, and seventh characters in my password which, by the way, includes a capital, numbers, and is at least 8 characters long! 

And others will include a passphrase linked to an image which you are expected to recognize before you enter your password.  This is to protect against people following links to rotten servers and providing their login credentials to someone who will turn around and use that info to access the real account.

So what do we do?  Post it notes stuck around the monitor is one solution but not one that is really recommended since a thief can just pick up all the notes, leave your home and pillage all your accounts.  How about another password protected app that stores all your websites, userids and passwords?  You’d better make sure that app is well protected with a secure password!  

Hopefully someone comes up with something soon…..my brain can’t handle many more userid and password combinations.