The Mighty Moira and Other Short Stories

A few months ago, I started work on an editing project for Wm. Manley Nobles, a gentleman who lives near Kingston, Ontario.  He published his first anthology of short stories in 2008 with the assistance of Canadian Stories magazine.  It was titled Canadian Stories:  Miracle at Midnight and Other Short Stories.

After submitting a story to Canadian Stories, I became involved in the production of Mr. Nobles second book as editor and today I received a copy of the finished book.  The latest anthology is titled Canadian Stories:  The Mighty Moira and Other Short Stories and, like his first book, this one is full of great stories related by the author as if he were seated around a campfire with his audience sitting spellbound around him. 

His stories are from the heart and are great examples of Canadian folk stories.  He is a man from the the old days when stories were retold from memory and the characters are brought to life by the words of the storyteller.  Moments in Southern Ontario history are recounted in his words and an astute reader can learn much about the history of the area through his work. 

This was a great project to be involved in and I am very proud of the finished product.