About DarynTsuji.ca

This is a site about me.  I’ll make no bones about that because that’s what it is.  On this site I’ll have two things.  First, my resume will be here just because it should be.  Second, I’m writing a blog to document the overnight transition from being an average 9 to 5 Joe to being a house husband looking after three kids and two dogs.

There are also two reasons I’ve created this site.  The first is that in this day and age the best way to find your way in the employment and networking world is to get yourself out there.  So I’m doing just that with daryntsuji.ca.  The second reason is that I have enrolled in a professional writing course (did that in February – was that a premonition or what?!)  and I would like to document my progression through the various classes and assignments.  What better way than publically on the Internet?

If you’d like to contact me outside this site, send an e-mail to:  daryn@daryntsuji.ca

…and that’s it so climb aboard and let’s go…!

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