A Long Absence

It’s been another long period of time since my last post.  Not that I haven’t meant to keep this up to date but life just seems to keep getting in the way.

We’ve been in our new place in Puslinch, ON for almost two years now and have adapted to things pretty well I think.  Leaving behind the noise and crowd of the big city for a slower and less stressful life.

I’ve been paying a little more attention to the vegetable garden this year and we have harvested radishes and are snacking on the kale that is growing in bed number 2.  There is also another vegetable growing in bed number three that I didn’t recognize nor remember planting but I believe that it is turnip.

I’ve attempted to grow corn again this year and have 16 small 6″ high plants coming up right now.  Still need to figure out a way to protect them from the $(#* raccoons this year.  Lost 5 plants last year to raccoons so want to deny them this year.

A tree died on our front lawn we spent some time over the long weekend cutting it down and cutting up to manageable pieces.  We’ll split them and then use them for firewood once they’ve dried out a bit more.  Don’t know what we would have done without the assistance of the Kiyoti……



Here’s a photo I took a few days ago.  Three bowls of fruit: grapes, cherries, and strawberries.  Just a simple white background and three glass bowls.  Using a 50 mm lens focused on the strawberries leaving the grapes and cherries slightly out of focus.

Three Bowls of Fruit


Old Time Radio

Over the past few months, I have become interested in listening to Old Time Radio shows from as far back as the 1940’s and as recent as the 1970’s.  The shows vary from sci-fi to horror and are excellent examples of how entertainment does not have to include spectacular visual effects to be effective.  Sound effects, music, and good voice characterizations make for very entertaining listening when paired up with well written and interesting stories.

Several of my favorites are based on stories written long ago and include “The Monkey’s Paw”, “There Will Come Soft Rains”, and “Child’s Play”.  The first, “he Monkey’s Paw, is a creepy story that touches on the peril of “three wishes”.  “There Will Come Soft Rains” consists of two stories by Ray Bradbury; the first about an automated home of the future that continues to operate and serve it’s human masters who have long been burned to silhouette by an atomic bomb.  The last story, Child’s Play, is about cloning and the perils of creating a machine that can duplicate anybody.

There are several series of Old Time Radio that I have been listening to including:  Inner Sanctum, Escape!, Suspense, The Horror, X Minus One, and Strange Tales.  Several of these have duplicate episodes of some stories but all area available in the Internet Archive and are downloadable as MP3 files that can be listened to whenever I want.  Various well-known actors have appeared in these stories including Mary Astor, Helen Hayes, Peter Lorre, Paul Lukas, Claude Rains, Frank Sinatra, and Orson Welles.  Some of these Old Time Radio shows have hundreds of episodes so I’ll have enough entertainment for years!

Okay Now, In Unison!


As I dropped my daughter off in front of her school this morning, I was treated to a laugh out loud.

As I pulled to a stop, each of the several cars in front of me and the cars behind me stopped also due to the red light at the head of our line.  Almost in unison, the rear passenger side doors all opened and kids with mammoth back packs all stepped out of their parent’s car and simultaneously slammed the doors as if choreographed.

Then, as one, they each turned, crossed the boulevard, and started walking up the sidewalk.

After seeing that amusing bit of choreography, my eye briefly settled on the “No Stopping” sign but I immediately rationalized our actions because due to the red light we were all stopped anyway.

The light turned green and after a quick wave to my daughter I was on my way.  Just another car in a long column of parents.


Shipping Costs Don’t Make Sense

I occasionally sell things on Ebay when I no longer need them or when I run out of space to store them. Recently, I have sold a couple of non-sport trading cards that I had professionally graded.

One card was sold to somebody in Texas, USA, while another was sold to someone in Milton CANADA. I live about 30 minutes drive from Milton and wouldn’t consider driving to Texas. Both cards were shipped via Canada Post and both were identical in terms of dimension and weight.

What drives me crazy is that the cost in CDN dollars to ship to Fort Worth, Texas (USA) is $4.28. While the cost to ship to Milton, where I could drive it myself, was $7.49 CDN.

So it’s cheaper (almost half) to ship something over the border and down to the Southern US than it is to ship something to a local area code? How does that make sense?


UPDATE:  Oh any by the way, I just shipped an identical package to Stockholm Sweden for $6.51….Still cheaper than Milton!


I don’t think I can take much more of this winter…….I don’t recall such freezing temperatures for so long accompanied by the two feet of snow in our yard and the six feet snow banks flanking the driveway.

What did we do to deserve this?

Switching focus to Baseball

So that was the most disappointing finish to a seven-game series I have ever seen.  Not necessarily the fact that the Leafs lost but the fact that they chose the last few minutes of the game to fall apart and give up the series. 

If they had been down 3-1 after the first and never caught up, well, disappointing but not quite so devastating.  Up 4-1 you could hear the partying rising in intensity and the creaking of lockers as the Bruins mentally starting clearing out their lockers.  To give up three unanswered goals and then lose in OT had to be a real kick in the privates and I could almost hear the silence decend over Southern Ontario as stunned Leaf fans just stared at the TV or cried into their Steins.

But hey, the Jays are on a 4 game win-streak as they enter the Bronx to face Kuroda.  <sigh> it was fun while it lasted…..


On To Game 7!

Okay Maple Leafs, I apologize for giving up on you too soon.  When the Bruins went up 3-1 I figured that tee times were up next for you but after watching you play gritty determined hockey for Games 5 and 6, I have to admit that I believe now.  Whatever happens in tonights game, you’ve set the bar much higher for Leafs hockey.

People can say whatever they want about playoff experience, you’ve shown that determination and a never-say-die attitude can stretch a talented and playoff experienced opponent to (and hopefully past!) the breaking point.  We’ve seen some pretty goals this last weekend, can you please arrange for a few more?

Go Leafs!