Switching focus to Baseball

So that was the most disappointing finish to a seven-game series I have ever seen.  Not necessarily the fact that the Leafs lost but the fact that they chose the last few minutes of the game to fall apart and give up the series. 

If they had been down 3-1 after the first and never caught up, well, disappointing but not quite so devastating.  Up 4-1 you could hear the partying rising in intensity and the creaking of lockers as the Bruins mentally starting clearing out their lockers.  To give up three unanswered goals and then lose in OT had to be a real kick in the privates and I could almost hear the silence decend over Southern Ontario as stunned Leaf fans just stared at the TV or cried into their Steins.

But hey, the Jays are on a 4 game win-streak as they enter the Bronx to face Kuroda.  <sigh> it was fun while it lasted…..