Okay Now, In Unison!


As I dropped my daughter off in front of her school this morning, I was treated to a laugh out loud.

As I pulled to a stop, each of the several cars in front of me and the cars behind me stopped also due to the red light at the head of our line.  Almost in unison, the rear passenger side doors all opened and kids with mammoth back packs all stepped out of their parent’s car and simultaneously slammed the doors as if choreographed.

Then, as one, they each turned, crossed the boulevard, and started walking up the sidewalk.

After seeing that amusing bit of choreography, my eye briefly settled on the “No Stopping” sign but I immediately rationalized our actions because due to the red light we were all stopped anyway.

The light turned green and after a quick wave to my daughter I was on my way.  Just another car in a long column of parents.