It’s a beautiful day today

Today is an exceptionally beautiful day.  It’s nice and warm without being too humid so it’s comfortable.  The sun is shining and I’m planning on spending some time in the backyard this afternoon with the kids.  Well, just my son actually.  Oldest daughter is in school and the youngest one will be taking a nap soon.  That gives me time to be a dad to my only boy.

We’re going to put some nice LED lights up outside to provide some ambience for our backyear entertaining this year.  Should be a nice and easy project for me to share with my son.

Speaking of spending time with the kids, that is exactly the topic for my forthcoming non-fiction creation.  The transition out of the Corporate world was faster and easier than I thought it would be so I’m planning on writing about that experience and how it has affected our family.  Since my wife is working, the fact that I am a built-in babysitter has helped enormously; not only with the family finances but the convenience of live-in payment free day care.  I’ll note how the article is progressing periodically.

Going out to enjoy the day….