Peel Literacy and Beyond Conference

This past Saturday my wife and I attended a children’s literacy conference hosted by the Region of Peel at a High School in Mississauga.  There was a great turnout and it was well worth the drive. 

I was a tad sceptical at first but after an interesting and “moodivational” performance by a guest speaker, I was looking forward to some interesting and informative workshops.  In total there were 53 different workshops offered throughout the day in three sessions.  

The topic of the first was how to help your child with mathematics.  This is an appropriate topic because I had some difficulty with math as a child and all the way through High School.  There were some interesting insights into current Board thinking with respect to math and I think we can use what we learned to help our three kids.

The second workshop we attended focused on socializing children and how to help them to be comfortable in different social situations.  This was another appropriate workshop since our kids tend to be a bit shy and sometimes need some prompting from us to get them involved. 

We were a bit late for lunch since we decided to take a look at the offerings of the vendors and community groups displaying their wares in the main hall.  As a result, only the veggie sandwiches were left but that was fine for us.

The last presentation of the day that we sat through was how to nurture childrens’ intelligence.  The presenters gave us an overview on the current thinking of intelligence and how to help children to strengthen the areas where they are a bit weak.

Overall, I’d say the conference was a success given the number of workshops and the number of parents who considered it important enough to get up and be at the conference for 8am registration.  I was surprised by the turnout and hope that everyone got as much out of the presentations they attended as I did!


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