Ghostly Toys that Whistle in the Night

A couple of nights ago, I awoke from a dead sleep to hear a strangely eerie whistle coming from one of the toys that litter our bedroom.  There’s a sofa off in one corner of the room along with a bookcase and several boxes of toys and it was from that area the ghostly whistle was coming from.

As a fan of Ghost Hunters on OLN, I thought maybe I was just replaying one of the recent episodes in my head and that I should just sit up and say, “What the crap is that?”  However, the whistling ended and I started to drift back to sleep.  A couple of moments later the whistling started up again and this time I was wide-awake wondering, “What is going on?”

That isn’t the first time a toy has started playing it’s music by itself.  We have a small stuffed duckling that was a present for one of the kids at Easter.  If you squeeze it’s belly, it will begin to quack about 10 times.  One day, my wife was rocking our son to sleep when he was only a couple of years old.  There was a thunderstorm outside and after one particularly close lightning strike and accompanying thunderclap, that little duckling started to quack.  Since it was across the room from my wife when it began quacking, she was quite freaked out but has since attributed the spontaneous quacking to the proximity of the lightning strike and thunder.  I stay away from that duck.

Another close call was when I happened to be downstairs late one evening and was freaked out by a doll’s carriage that seemed to be moving of it’s own accord.  I always told my wife that she could keep it since it was hers as a child but I also warned her that it I saw it move on it’s own, I’d chop it up and throw it out.  I was beginning to think about where I left the axe when I realized that the appearance of movement was caused by my shadow moving across the room and the flashlight in my hand (phew!)

Oh yes, the whistling sound in my room was caused by my eldest daughter who bumped up against the toy as she came into our room to lay down on the sofa.  Apparently, she had a bad dream and thought she saw a ghost.


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