Lane Merges Left – 100 ft

Some time ago, I was driving in the left lane of a two-lane road headed home after work (so obviously, this was quite awhile ago).  Moving at about 80 KM/hour, I was already thinking about the things I wanted to do when I got home when I noticed that the car next to me in the right lane was a little more than a car length behind me and the right lane was merging left in about 100 ft.  Naturally, I expected the guy (yes it was a man, not the crazy lady from the car insurance commercial!) to just change lanes in behind me since we were both going about the same speed.

Imagine my surprise when ding-dong decides to speed up and try to get in front of me.  Well, by this time there was not enough time or space for him to get in front of me but he tried anyway.  I maintained my speed, neither speeding up or slowing down and, obviously, he ended up braking hard and merging behind me when his lane ended.  So what do you think this person did?  He blows his horn at me as if I was supposed to put my brakes on and let him pass and merge in front of me.  I just put my hand up and waved politely which I’m sure made him blow a gasket but at that point I didn’t care what he thought.

What kind of an ignoramus thinks that I should have slammed my brakes on to let his royal a** in front of me?  He’s the kind of person who will squeeze past an elderly person to get through the door first and then let’s it slam closed behind him.  Or the type who squeezes into the Express lane with 30 items in his cart and gives everyone around him dirty looks as if it’s his right to be there.

I’ll admit that, yes, it’s been probably two years since this incident but every once in awhile I remember it, smile to myself,  and wonder how badly it hurt his ego to have to brake hard and slide his car BEHIND mine…..

Oh well, have a Merry Christmas buddy, wherever you are….


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