Upgrading as it should be!

This morning I undertook the task of updating my WordPress version from 2.6 to 2.8.6.  It was with much trepidation I deleted various folders, downloaded the install files, and uploaded to my web host the latest and greatest.  I also made the first backup of my SQL database….ever…..which of course is something I should do a bit more often!

I’m happy to report that the upgrade was seamless and my new (old) site is up and operating better than ever.  The administration of the site is much easier than it was before and I should have upgraded long ago but the thought of upgrading remotely to my host was making me nervous.  No need though, it was easy…..

The new site has randomly changing colours on the Mandigo theme, allows for automatic updates of many widgets and the WordPress app itself.  The Admin screens are cleaner and easy to navigate and I am very happy!

Now to complete step 3. from the upgrade instructions which is to “Do something nice for yourself.”  Think I’ll go grab a book and grab a drink.


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