Planting a tree for Jordan

Today is my youngest daughter’s birthday.  She is two years old and in honour of her birthday we’re going to be planting a new tree in the backyard.  Her brother and sister helped me to dig a big hole in which we will plant a Princeton Gold Maple.  My wife and I went to pick it out earlier this afternoon and our local Garden Gallery delivered it about an hour ago.

The tree is about 15 feet tall right now and the tag that was on it says to expect it to grow to a height of around 35 feet and have a width around 30.  That is nice and will provide some shade for our deck which will be welcome.  During the height of summer our deck is sweltering at mid-day since there is not much in the way of shade.  Purchasing a large tree is not an inexpensive choice but we wanted to have a good headstart on the shade.  I’ll try to post a picture of the tree once it’s planted.

My other two kids are running around in the backyard right now periodically sticking their heads in the back door to find out if Jordan is awake yet so we can plant the tree.  We’re also having pizza for dinner since that is our two year old’s favorite food right now.  Oh, I hear some movement upstairs, time to plant a tree!


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