That was NOT just a cold!

I was taken out by a flu virus over the past couple of days and I still feel a bit like a fly on a windshield – kind of flat and not so happy.  My family seems to be in varying stages of illness with my oldest daughter closest to being healthy again.  My wife hasn’t gotten really ill (yet) and my son is still spending most of his time asleep.   My youngest has a bit of a cough and I’m hoping that she dodges the worst of it.

So a cold is mostly just annoying what with the runny nose and the tickly throat making you cough all the time.  The flu, however, is an entirely different animal (virus!).  I seriously felt like all the energy had been sucked out of me and even when I started to feel better, a quick trip up the stairs left me light-headed and searching for somewhere to lie down.   If that’s what happens with an “ordinary” run of the mill influenza virus, I hate to think about what happens to people who catch the nastier versions like the SARS virus or the bird flu H1N1 that has been circulating. 


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