Facing the BLANK Page

Sitting here in front of the computer at 8 AM wondering what to write.  Several things come to mind and for one reason or another are discarded but I think I’ll review them right here just to clear them out….

During the March break I stayed in Guelph with my family for a night.  We stayed at a hotel on the Wednesday eve and came home on the Thursday.  Not a long vacation but time enought for us to spend some time together in a more meaningful way than we do at home.  In the comfort of our castle, we tend to be together but all doing separate things:  someone on the computer, someone watching TV in the family room, someone constructing a spaceship out of toilet paper tubes, someone harrassing the dogs, and someone else puttering around the house.  Not exactly apart but not quite together.  In Guelph, we went swimming, had snacks, walked to the Tim Hortons on the corner, and then lazed around the hotel room together.  Nice.

Our two Dalmatians are getting older now and seem less and less “there”.  Riley, the older of the two is 13 years old now and he is getting pretty creaky in the mornings.  He also is not in good control of his…movements.  I have to listen for him while I’m sleeping and as soon as I hear him get out of his bed I have to get him and his sister out of bed and outside before his…movement…surprises him and me.  His sister can hold it a bit better but she needs to get outside right away too since she is 12 and not in complete control either.  It’s sad really but in many ways they age just like we do.  Creakier in the mornings, in need of doggy diapers, Riley has cataracts (Patches eyes are clear so far), and both of them spend more and more time sleeping.  Occasionally they will perk up and act like puppies again but it doesn’t last very long and stops abruptly if Riley runs face-first into the wall.  We need to enjoy their company as much as possible now before we run out of time.

After much delay, I took my older two kids out for a bike ride a few days ago on the last nice day that we had.  Just down the street and through the park but it was nice to get out.  It was early enough in the year that riding a bike with your mouth open didn’t result in flies in your teeth.  The kids were sooooo excited to pull the bikes out of storage that they were happy to put on their helmets and ride off down the street.  EJ still is a bit small for the two-wheeler he’s riding but once he gets going he is fine.  He fell once but no damage done.  They’re probably going to be asking to go for a bike ride every weekend from now until the snow flies in the fall.  When they come running with bike helmets in hand I’ll have to keep in mind that in a few years they probably won’t want me going with them anymore. 


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