The Hotel California

I pulled out my vinyl copy of the Eagle’s classic “Hotel California” yesterday and treated myself to one of my favorite albums.  Released in late 1976, this album was a critical and commercial success spawning two hit singles, “New Kid in Town”, and “Hotel California.”  One of my personal favorite songs on the album is “The Last Resort” which makes a statement about how we are treating the Earth and is as relevant or perhaps more relevant now than it was when it was written.  “Life in the Fastlane” is on this album and also makes it onto my list of favorites. 

Joe Walsh make his first vinyl appearance as an Eagle and his personality and distinctive guitar are a welcome addition.  The Eagles have always been one of my favorite bands and this album is one that I turn to most frequently although my copies of Desperado and The Long Run are also well worn.  I regret that I have never seen the Eagles in concert.  Their Farewell Tour I Live from Melbourne DVD is fantastic though and I almost (but not quite) feel like I’ve seen them live…


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