A Long Absence

It’s been another long period of time since my last post.  Not that I haven’t meant to keep this up to date but life just seems to keep getting in the way.

We’ve been in our new place in Puslinch, ON for almost two years now and have adapted to things pretty well I think.  Leaving behind the noise and crowd of the big city for a slower and less stressful life.

I’ve been paying a little more attention to the vegetable garden this year and we have harvested radishes and are snacking on the kale that is growing in bed number 2.  There is also another vegetable growing in bed number three that I didn’t recognize nor remember planting but I believe that it is turnip.

I’ve attempted to grow corn again this year and have 16 small 6″ high plants coming up right now.  Still need to figure out a way to protect them from the $(#* raccoons this year.  Lost 5 plants last year to raccoons so want to deny them this year.

A tree died on our front lawn we spent some time over the long weekend cutting it down and cutting up to manageable pieces.  We’ll split them and then use them for firewood once they’ve dried out a bit more.  Don’t know what we would have done without the assistance of the Kiyoti……