Shipping Costs Don’t Make Sense

I occasionally sell things on Ebay when I no longer need them or when I run out of space to store them. Recently, I have sold a couple of non-sport trading cards that I had professionally graded.

One card was sold to somebody in Texas, USA, while another was sold to someone in Milton CANADA. I live about 30 minutes drive from Milton and wouldn’t consider driving to Texas. Both cards were shipped via Canada Post and both were identical in terms of dimension and weight.

What drives me crazy is that the cost in CDN dollars to ship to Fort Worth, Texas (USA) is $4.28. While the cost to ship to Milton, where I could drive it myself, was $7.49 CDN.

So it’s cheaper (almost half) to ship something over the border and down to the Southern US than it is to ship something to a local area code? How does that make sense?


UPDATE:  Oh any by the way, I just shipped an identical package to Stockholm Sweden for $6.51….Still cheaper than Milton!

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