Spammers now commenting?

A fairly recent phenomena, for my blog anyway, is spammers who post comments en masse as replies to my posts.  That is a truly awful way of spamming and I wish there was a way that I could block them before they do it but, unfortunately, the only way is to not allow commenting on my posts.  That is what I’ve resorted to and for the time being only my most recent post will allow commenting.  My e-mail was filing up with requests to moderate those silly comments and I just got sick and tired of it.

What was especially disappointing is when they post something frivolous, commercial, or pornographic to the posts I have regarding my friend who passed away or the the one about the passing of my dog, Riley.  That is crossing a line and going too far.  One of the last ones I got said something like “I really like %%blogposttitle%% and think you’d really enjoy my site at”  The person didn’t even know how to do it properly since I’m sure %%blogposttitle%% wasn’t supposed to appear. 


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2 thoughts on “Spammers now commenting?

  1. I went for a long time with no problems, but eventually the spammers found me. I used comment moderation for a while, but I’m no good at it. Comments would sit in the moderation queue for weeks before I realized they were there and approved them. By that time the commenters were long gone, and no discussion was possible. Now I just stick with the CAPTCHA system. It seems to work OK.

  2. Hey Paul, thanks for the idea, I hadn’t even considered the captcha solution. I’ve implemented it and now I’ll sit back and see what happens! The comment moderation worked for me too but lately, I’ve been getting 15-20 per day and would then leave them for a week. Got to be to much and I went for the sledgehammer as the solution to the mosquitos.

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