Another Finished (almost) Project

I’ve been working on another house project for the past couple of months.  Lily decided that a Gazebo would be a nice thing to have in our backyard.  A nice cedar one, octagonal in shape with a lovely little cupola on top.  Sounds nice doesn’t it.  Something to add to the atmosphere in the backyard and give us somewhere nice to sit in the shade when the sun is overhead.  We purchased one from a company in British Columbia and they shipped it to us a few weeks later. 

"It's done, it's finally done!"

After the unpacked parts sat in the garage for a couple of weeks, we arranged to have someone come to our house and put in the post holes I would need to support the Gazebo because, of course, building it on level ground was not an option available to me.  The vision that my wife had was of the Gazebo about two-thirds of the way up the hill in our backyard.  It’s not overly steep but it’s steep enough that when the platform I built was level, the front posts are about 48″ high.  Building on a slope had it’s challenges but now that it’s done, I’m glad we did it.   The only thing to finish off next year is the skirting.  I’m going to use vertical cedar board to skirt it and attach them to a frame of pressure treated timber that I still need to install.  Oh yes, also need to finish off a bit of staining next spring.

Just wondering to myself what the next project is going to be…hope it’s not the hardwood!


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