Food Inc., Food Matters, and The Future of Food

These are the titles of three movies my wife and I have watched over the past few weeks all centered around food.  Food Inc is a documentary about farming and how the nature of food in North America has moved from an agriculture and farming focus to a factory and food creation focus with less accent on the agriculture and more on the production.  Generating higher yields quicker and cheaper in search of the almighty buck.  But at what cost?

Food Matters is a film based on the idea that we are what we eat.  If we eat highly processed chemical laden foods those chemicals become part of our  genetic makeup and can affect our health.  The film doesn’t claim to find miracle cures or sure bets to avoid disease but what it does say is that the nature and type of foods that we eat does matter.

The Future of Food is a film that looks closely at Genetically Modified Foods and how prevalent they actually are in many of the things that we eat and use every day.  Once GMO’s get out into nature, it is virtually impossible to stop or control them.  A truck driving down the road with GMO wheat, corn, or soy lets some seeds blow off and onto a farmers field.  That GMO seed germinates and grows.  Now that field is no longer GMO free and in an odd twist, the farmer is sometimes held responsible for the fact that GMO seed is growing on his land even if he did not plant it and does not want it there.

I can only touch the surface of these three documentaries in this space but I highly recommend all three.  If they don’t change your views on the food that you and your family are eating I hope that they are at least “food for thought!”


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