Goodbye to an old friend

Today I said goodbye to an old friend from highschool.  It was a time of mixed emotion since it was nice to see so many people from those days but sad that it was the passing of an old friend that brought us together.  As I was standing there listening to the service I smiled at my memories of all the good times we had.  A whole group of us always together and sharing in each other’s lives as a second family. 

Most of us have started families of our own and what we are left with is the memories of those days and the ties that bound us together.  We slip into the old roles so easily, finding comfort in the old patterns and places from all those years ago.  It’s sad that it takes the death of a friend to bring us together like that. 

Mason Reimer, d. December 22, 2009.  Rest in Peace my old friend, you were in all of our thoughts today and we will always remember the good times we had.


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